Evelyn Long

Evelyn Long-Parks


Personal Info

Evelyn Long-Parks joined the Donaldson Brown staff in 2005. She knew she wanted to be part of the Donaldson Brown team when she first visited the mansion and grounds, where the antiquity and beauty enveloped her.

Evelyn began as a food service aide and worked the “front of the house,” serving and taking care of guests. As time progressed, Evelyn assumed more responsibilities in the kitchen, including planning menus, securing food items, and preparing delicious meals. She is an avid cook and baker, and one of Evelyn’s passions is making delicious desserts, including homemade candies. Her expertise in this area translates into a phenomenal experience for our guests.

Over the years, Evelyn has been involved in just about every part of the operations at Donaldson Brown, making her an invaluable member of the team. Evelyn is engaged in the community and always concerned with supporting others. She is married and lives in Cecil County.